Saturday, June 25, 2011


Well, here it is...the whirligig quilt. I saw a really awesome one of these on the display wall at Quilt, Etc. It was red and white and black and really much more spectacular looking than this one. Now, having sewn one together, I can't say that I'll ever do another one. A million of the same boring little block over and over isn't exactly my cup of tea. After I drew the color scheme up on EQ5, I commented that I'd either love the final quilt or hate it. I had no idea that I would feel as ambivalent about the finished product as I did about the drawing.

This picture really really doesn't do it justice. It's a lot brighter and happier in real life. It was a bit backlit by the sun so the colors look all washed out. I did a scrappy binding...not because I have any particular love for scrappy bindings (in fact, I MUCH prefer non-scrappy bindings)...but because when I went to look for more of the pink stuff to bind it in, Joann was all out. Besides, I'm really trying not to spend any more money on fabric if I don't have to. I had the binding scraps sewn all together on angles and had to unpick and sew them back with straight 1/4 inch seams because it was too short to go all the way around when sewn properly. Oh well, right? I also would have loved to have this quilted but tied it anyway. It's so sad to see all my beautifully matched intersections hidden by ties! But by the time I got done piecing it I just wanted to get it DONE.

Hmm...I don't think my camera likes the bright pink very much. Anyway. I think I'm giving this one to the neighbor girl. Hopefully she won't hate it and oh well if she does. I was aiming for twin size...but something in my math was way off and so it's a lot smaller than I was shooting for. Still plenty big enough for a nine-year-old to wrap up in though.

The end.


  1. Look at you go! I don't know how I missed this! I think it looks really cool! I am sure your neighbor will love it! I agree though, sewing tons of one block gets super tedious! Way to perservere!

  2. This is a cute quilt! It's like a jedi mind keeps playing with my eyes :)