Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Ho. Ho. Ho. Last week I decided that what our family really needed was a little family of snowmen stockings for Santa to put our loot in. It was (mostly) a lot of fun. This was my first attempt at applique and I have to say...I like it! I am pleased as punch with how they turned out! I looked at bunches of snowman stockings online and then made these up all by myself. Woohoo! We still need to decide who gets which stocking and put buttons on the hats for embellishment and so everybody remembers which stocking is his/hers...and I might add hanging hooks even though we don't usually hang our stockings...these turned out so cute that I just might decide to hang them up to admire them every December.


  1. Those turned out really cute! So darling!

  2. Sorry, forgot to comment before, but these are so cute!! The scarves are the best--so creative. Hope you kept your pattern, in case you need to add more in the future :)